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In the year 2000, American Samoa celebrated its 100 year under the greatest country in the world, the United States of America.

I was fortunate, to bring five professional film makers from Hollywood to record this special occasion.  My cousin Aloali’i George Palelei, his good friends Edward Bartel, Reggie Turner, Jeremy ‘Tech’ Thomas, and my good friend Joseph Ho from Hawai’I as our audio specialist.  We shot over 300 hours in High Definition which was the latest technology of the time.

We also brought down my niece from San Diego to help film our documentary about a young Samoan girl who was returning home to learn of her heritage.  My good friend and mentor, the late High Chief Pulefa’asina Brwonie Tuiasosopo was kind enough to be our expert in teaching Mary about the culture and what it means to be a Samoan.

Like the SALT Foundation project, we will need more funds to do the project justice.  It is in the back burner, at the moment, but never far away from our hearts.  We will complete it as soon as we have the means.  We brought the crew back three more times and we have short trailers and the theme song in videos.

We still stay in touch with the crew, except for Aloali’i who has passed on.  The memories of the project is still strong and all looking forward to completing it soon!

Hope you enjoy them, as much as we did putting it together.

Long Version


Mary’s theme song


Short Version

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